“Alex Polizzi: The Fixer”

Back in August 2011 the company was approached by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to see if we would like to take part in a new documentary series of a BBC2 programme “The Fixer” on family businesses. As we employ six family members we are quite unique and we made the decision to see what it was all about.

Initially, several members of the family was asked over the telephone about the business and then we had a visit from a business consultant Liz Steer who came into the workshop to see where and how we could make changes for the better. The next stage involved a film crew from Two Four in Plymouth to see how we fared with the cameras! They told us that the whole process would take around six weeks to see if we made the shows (this was much to Nicola’s delight as she really didn’t want to take part). However, in reality the 5mins film about Guide Bridge was never made and the cameras came back to film early September.

The whole filming process was done over 140 hours which was reduced in part one to 58.4 mins. Unfortunately due to copyright issues we are unable to show you the video on our webpage but please give us a ring and we’ll send a copy out to you. Part two we shared the time with another show. For a selection of our other videos see our YouTube channel

Part Two: Revisited