Unlike some ‘cheap’ MOTs ours are not expensive

It’s that time of the year again when you dread the annual MOT test. Are you worried about the cost and inconvenience of it? Well don’t be… the standard cost of an MOT test is £40 (even cheaper if you have your car serviced at the same time).

You’ve probably noticed that a number of garages offer ‘cheap’ MOTs. But beware. Sometimes these offers are simply a way of getting a vehicle into the garage, ‘finding’ faults, charging for repairs and then charging again for a re-test.

We will never invent faults just to fail an MOT and generate additional work for ourselves. We do NOT charge for re-tests either. We may discover that your car is borderline and may need advisories adding to your MOT certificate, we will discuss these with you and plan the work into our diary at a later date.

Here’s what else we provide as part of our MOT procedure:

  • We will replace bulbs from £4.99.
  • We will swap over one worn tyre with the spare free of charge (as long as it is road legal).
  • We will reset headlight alignment free of charge if required.
  • We will do our best to fix emissions where necessary.
  • We offer a FREE re-test – even if you take your car to another garage for any repairs.
  • We will only fail your vehicle on the grounds of safety or if it falls outside the parameters set by the Vehicle Inspectorate (VOSPA).

Worried about the cost? Read more on how you can pay in four equal instalments.

Remember an MOT test can be carried out up to one month before the current MOT Certificate expires. If you wish to book your car in for servicing at the same time you can also enjoy savings on a combined Service/MOT. See our Servicing page for details